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.:: Bondi FOTW 2003 ::.

Bondi 2003
What is there not to like about Bondi? Sea, sand, surf and great company and don't forget the good food, awesome shopping and some great scenery. I was looking forward to the trip because I had been there in the past and do remember the great time I had.

I nearly had to cancel my trip to the "Festival of the winds" because of an infection that sneaked up on me just before we were due to depart but nothing some antibiotics couldn't fix. I wasn't going to let it put a dampener on things, besides the sea breeze and warm temperatures would do it a world of good.

One of the biggest thrills we had was when we took a taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. If you put the driver in a F1 car he'll beat the pants off Schumi, some of us had sweaty palms after that ride. Once at the hotel our first disaster occurred, the bell-boy broke a strap on my kite bag, there goes your tip! bell-boy. This incident is in itself a whole new story but I will spare you the details.

Bondi 2003
After a quick freshen up we met with our fellow kitefliers from NZ, namely David and Muriel Bowie and Ray and Rosemary McCully, for a bite to eat. We ended up in an Italian restaurant where we also met up with fellow kiters from Australia, Godfrey and Karen Gamble. We were well entertained by our friendly waiter Luigi and everyone had a great meal although I still believe the wine was corked, but working at a winery makes one very picky about the quality of wines.

Friday was a casual fly-day just relaxing on the beach and meeting up with some of the other flyers. The winds were very light and not that steady. I put my "Penta" into the sky were it flew alright for a while until a crucial spar managed to loosen itself from the kite and landed in the surf never to be seen again, disaster number 2. I packed the kite away and casually spent the rest of the day watching others struggle with their kites. I thought this is actually quite good entertainment as did David and Muriel.

Bondi 2003
In the evening we had our welcoming dinner and invited quest Rolf Zimmerman gave us an incite in to the techniques he uses to produce his wonderful soft kites for which he is so well known.

Saturday was a better day for flying kites although the wind couldn't make up its mind where to blow from. Ninety degree wind shifts were the order of the day but the sky was filled with kites nevertheless. Some great and spectacular tangles were seen as a result of these shifts and at one time my "Angel-shark" got cut down and landed in the surf. Disaster number 3. It was retrieved by a surfer who in the first instance paddled straight past it. After some persuading he got the message. I did get wet up to my waist as a bonus and didn't think this would do my chest infection any good but that's the prize you pay for wanting your kite back. In the evening at the pavilion we had the auction which had lots of great items and bidding was at a premium. I did manage to win a few items so I was happy.

Bondi 2003
Sunday greeted us with strong winds very much from the same direction as the previous days so conditions were far from perfect. Today was also the day for competitions and I entered my "Biplan" into the non ripstop catagory and got second prize for my efforts. The first prize went to Tony Rice which a beautiful phoenix kite made out of Tyvek and bamboo. This kite also won the members choice and the trans Tasman travel award, so those of you who didn't see it will get the opportunity to see this kite flying at the next NZKA annual festival to be held in Wellington. Some time during the afternoon I told Rolf Zimmerman that if he was game enough to risk flying his large Lobster kite I would have a go at flying Garfield much to the delight of the 20.000 or so spectators. I must admit that there is great pride to be had when that many people cheer you on seeing your kite airborne. In the evening we payed Luigi another visit this time there were about 30 of us. We had another great meal in the presence of great company

All in all we had a wonderful time and I would like to thank everyone from the NZKA who gave me this great opportunity to be there.