About Me
My name is Robert van Weers and I am married to a gorgeous woman named Sue.
I was a Chef by profession but now retired. I try to stay as much active as I can as a kiteflier but at present I don't do as much international travel as I wish to due to the current situation we all have to deal with.
Although born in New Zealand, I grew up in the Netherlands. That is where I was introduced to kiteflying, at Scheveningen to be precise.
I used to work there as a chef at one of the many beach pavilions. The year was about 1975 and some of the things that went on that year are still vivid in my memory.

For example, someone who seemed to be having a lot of fun flew a stack of about 35 Flexifoils mid air, Nop Velthuizen is his name.
Another memorable moment was the world record flight of the CS550 or otherwise known as "The Blob" a 550 sq.m Dutch Kite Team Parafoil

I was pretty amazed by all these kites so much so that I just had to build one. I returned to New Zealand in 1982 and got very frustrated by the fact that nobody had heard of "Flexifoils". Luckily for me, my family brought with them on one of their visits from the Netherlands, a kit with plan of a Flexifoil.

After purchasing an old pedal driven "Singer" sewing machine I got to work on my very first kite. I was amazed that it flew straight away.
I sometimes wonder if I would still be making kites today if that very first kite had not flown so well?

I have since made numerous kites in all shapes and sizes. The last few years I have been designing my own and in 1999 and 2001 I have won awards for my efforts with "Pirouette" and "Garfield". I hope to be able to continue making kites for a very long time and to do some more travelling to overseas festivals.
Who knows we might meet there?

Steady Brezes