Achtkant Train
This kite has been designed by a well known Dutch kite builder and designer named Harm van Veen.
It was quite some time back, in the late eighties or early nineties I believe.
What I do know however is that it was first published in the early part of 1991 in the Dutch kite magazine "Vlieger".
Harm showing his kite books.
When I first set eyes on this kite, the potential for this model to be built into a train was very obvious to me.
The first thing I did was to scale it down somewhat from it's original size of 1.5 meters to just 60cm.
Time was something I had a lot of back then and it wasn't long before a train of nine was gracing the skies over Scheveningen beach.
I have made numerous "Achtkants" since then and I made a train consisting of 34 of these kites. (image below)
I particularly like the effect that you as the flyer experience when viewing this train from below as it resembles an elongated harmonica in flight.
The side view isn't all that bad either.

My first fly at Wellington(NZ).
In the image above, I recieved an award for best tail tangle LOL.
Some images taken from the class I did on-line. (click to enlarge)
Should you wish to make your own. Check out the plans in my DIY section.