Clown Bol
Clown Sock

Clown Sock
Shot at Nelson Int. Festival

This wind sock was thought up after I had completed the Clown Bol. I liked the idea of the clown fish swimming amongst the tentacles of the anemone although I realized the size of the bol was quite large.

I started working on a smaller item. And here we are.

This Clown sock is 2 meters long and has one inflatable Clown fish amongst nine tentacles.

NOTE: The images need to be updated as I have deleted the starfish and added two more tentacles to make 9. However should you wish a starfish on there, please mention it when ordering one.
No extra charge of course.
Some images of the Clown Bol below. (click to enlarge)
Should you wish to own one, price below.
They are for sale at
NZ $200
 EUR €110
 USD $120
 GBP £94

Postage not included.