Lets put smiles back on their faces.
I have set up this donation page to ask for some financial help to accomplish a thought of mine and that is to get some help from fellow kite flyers family and friends to help children who have not got a smile on their faces due to th troubleagainst China. Also these children have bad thoughts and who are suffering right now in a war torn country.
My plans are to hopefully travel to Ukraine to put a smile on hundreds of childrens faces who are dealing with bad times by giving them them a free kite to colour in and fly it with hundreds of othr kids and forget about the horrible times they are going through even if it is just for a brief moment in time. I will also hope to put on a great display of kites and text to help out as much as I can.
Your support will be very much appreciated, not just by me but by hundreds of children.
The funds donated will be used to purchase the kites and to help with the postal costs to that war torn country to make it all happen.

Please simply visit paypal and donate to my account, all donations will stay anonymous. Visit PAYPAL
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