French Angel

When they mature, they loose their yellow stripes.
This is number five in the series of "Fish in Line". This species is a French Angel or rather the juvenile variety. I thought that the juvenile had a far more interesting colour scheme than the adult variety. Funny how the stripes disappear when it grows up. The natural colours of the juvenile are yellow stripes on a black background but as with the other species as well, I make them in a variety of colours to add to the visual appeal. The major change is that the eyes are now sewn in 3D on this particular model. This is quite tricky to do if you want all the seams on the inside of the fish. As is with the others, this one also has a very nice swimming motion. This model is even harder to do due to the large panels. It is not easy to have them all lined up after sewing a curved seam of about 3.5 meters. All in all I am very pleased with the look and feel of this one. I make these in one size for now and it is 3.5 x 3 meters
Some images of the French Angel Fish below. (click to enlarge)