He was my very first large soft kite. It took me around three months to make this large cat. All I had to work from was a small cartoon drawing. On the image here to the right, you can see me doing the final touches to the bridles before it's first flight. Garfield has a total body length of approx. 10 meters. He is made up of 80 meters of fabric [Chikara].
Garfield also appeared on the official website.
The photo, beneath this text, was taken just before his maiden flight at the Nelson kite festival, Jan 2003.
Garfield has featured in various newspapers throughout the country as well as an appearance on National television [TV3, 6 o'clock news, 14 March 2003]. Read the newspaper article, [Click here]. Garfield has won the NZKA Travel exchange Award 2003. This is a great prize of which I am very proud.

Finishing the bridles.
Some info in regards to Garfield.
Some images of Garfield below. (click to enlarge)