This is a 1.18 M2 Version.
This is another modification of the famous Parafoil.
I just wanted to change some of the dimensions that others have done over the years.
I like the model that has three fins like the standard Flowform Parafoil.
My thought was to change the shape of the fins to allow more adjustments to be made that effect the A.O.A.
This is mainly to make adjustments for light and strong winds.
Also I played with the height of the chord, the higher it is, the more lift it will create, depending also of course on the equilibrium side of things.
So this version has a high lift for the amount of wind needed, a bit like when a plane uses its flaps, it can fly slow but still generate a lot of lift.
Some info in regards to the Liftit
Some images of the Liftit below. (click to enlarge)
Test flying at Foxton Beach.
Should you be interested in owning one, the prices are as follows.
I have the 1.18 M2 version available for you to make your own in my DIY section, feel free to have a go at it yourself.