Moorish Idol
This is the first in a series of "Fish in Line".
After some initial structural hiccups, the Idol is now just fine and needs no further developments.
The graphics have been modified and the rainbow colours were designed by a very good friend of mine, thanks Willem.
The bridles have also recieved some small changes to make it swim better.
Also I did make the air intake a little larger and it seemed to do the trick as far as inflation goes.
They look great anytime as a school of fish up in the air or just by themselves.

Idols Over The Chateau.
Moorish Idol Size Info:
They come in 3 standard sizes.
Some images of the moorish-idols below. (click to enlarge)
Should you be interested in owning one, the prices are as follows.
Note: If you wish a smaller or larger version, just send me an email for a quote.