Mr Sharky

This particular shark is a modification of the version made and sold by David Gomberg. David told me he has retired from kiting, but I wished to have his consent to play around with his shark.
So first up, a big thank you to David for giving me the OK to bring this shark back to life and to use it as inspiration for my modified version of this model.
The other person who deserves a big thank you is John Davenport. He was kind enough to send me one of Davids sharks for me to look at and study to make one for him as the fabric had got quite porous over the years so the inflating process was just not happening.

This shark is around 20 years old and it is a great pleasure to bring it back to life, although with quite a few modifications. Lets just say evolution at its best.
The first are the eyes, they are now in 3D also the fins have all been altered to look a lot firmer. The other two main changes are the air intake and the bridles. In David's version, the vent did not work perfectly so that was one of the main fixes. The bridles have also been altered, this was to help the inflating process plus the stability, also to stop any of the shape deforming.
There are many more mods on this model but I spare you all the details.

My idea is to give Mr Shark a place on my DIY page. The plans will be free for you to download and cut it all yourself to start with but if it becomes nessisary, I will be available as a kit that you can purchase that has all the panels cut out already. Saving you a lot of time and work.

Sizes available
Images of Mr Sharky.
Should you be interested in owning one, the price is as follows.