Slinskins (Single Line No Spars Single Skin)

As a designer, it has alway been on my to do list, build a kite that has no spars, only one surface and classed as a single line kite, to be used, mainly as a lifter.
Doing some research, I came across a person who made a NASA parawing flying on 4 lines. His name is Bill Ola Rasmussen. Please take a look at his great work, Click Here

That gave me the idea to maybe tick my idea off of my "to do list".
Can this be made to fly on a single line and not using 4 lines as a stunter kite?
So I looked at his work and started to make some modifications, mainly adding a keel. Will that increase the stability? Well after some prototypes, I was happy with it's flying characteristics. I made the first one in 2012 and introduced it to the kiting community at Dieppe France that same year. Peter Lynn was very impressed at my work that he himself had a go at this concept a few years later. Take a look at his work on this concept.(Click Here)
The Slinskin flies at quite a steep angle and for it's size, it has a strong pull. This shows very well in the images below when I flew this kite in Vietnam, lifting one of my large monkeys. It stayed up for most of the day, and you know what happens when the wind dies down. All in all I was very impressed with its performance.

Some images of the Slinskin.
Should you be interested in building one yourself, please contact me.