Swallow Kite

Chances are you have seen one of these flying at a kite festival near you.

The comments I receive from these are overwhelming. They dart and dive all over the sky creating a very realistic picture.

This model was inspired by a Japanese swallow mobile that has been hanging in my office at home for quite some years, when I was given a plan published in a German magazine by a German friend, I used that kite as a starting point for my own model. The resulting kite has less spars, a different keel, no connector for the spreader, although one is used in the larger versions but without a dihedral, and I changed the color scheme, twice now in fact.

The way of training these is also very unique. Special swivels, called crane swivels, are used to stop the kites from tangling in the main line.

This is a 6 meter version.
They come in various sizes.
Some images of the Swallows below. (click to enlarge)
Should you be interested in owning one, the prices are as follows.