This kite started out as a doodle on newspaper one day and I liked it from the start. I test flew it on 13 Jan 2005 in strong wind conditions about a month after that first drawing. I initially developed this kite for light winds, although I had it flying today in moderate to strong winds. Later on in the day when the wind died down it behaved a lot better.

Giraff Skin
The kite is made from ripstop with 2 and 3 mm fiberglass rods.
It is 1.5 meter wide and 75 cm tall. It initially had tails but they where discarded early on in the development stage. They just looked out of place and contributed nothing to the overall flight performance.

There are two different color schemes, white as the main color and black as the main color, both have a coloured decor tip.
Also these are made in various other skins, like animal skins and custom designs. The USA Flag was one of them.
Some images of the Vapids out there. (click to enlarge)
Should you be interested in owning one, the prices are as follows.
NOTE: In order to save on postage, you can just order the sails. I can give you the measurements of the spars later. Also this will be available at some stage through my DIY page.