Yellow Tang

This is number six in the series of "Fish in Line", this species is called "Yellow Tang".
This one was designed with simplicity in mind. I wanted a piece that could be made in a workshop environment that also had a wow factor.

As is with the others, this one also has a very nice swimming motion.

All in all I am again very pleased with the look and feel of this design.

A fun thing to do when setting up with lots of colourd ones is to get the public involved by asking them what their favorite colour is, specially children love this interaction. I do it most of the time at festivals.

You can see more images of a completed school of 20 yellow Tang in some of the images below.

The ready made ones come in two sizes.
Some images of the Yellow Tang. (click to enlarge)
Should you be interested in owning one, the prices are as follows.
Note: These prices are for already made up ones. For DIY ones,