NZKA Monkey Class
The NZKA workshop was another great time had by the students. This time around it was one of my well-liked kites, the monkey, the small monkey to be precise (3.5Mtr).
To get it all done within a few days was not an easy task but it was done by most participants and that made me feel very good as I must admit, I had my doubts as it is quite a lot of work. Some cheated by starting very early without me but that meant they enjoyed doing it and that is what counts the most. Lots of fun was had and that clearly shows in the attached images.
The socializing aspect meant a lot to me as well and the girls who came just for that purpose did a great job helping us with the catering side of things, we had great tasting food to spur us on.
The venue was also a wonderful place to hold the class in, nice accommodation and the room turned into a classroom was big enough for us to do the work, friendly people as well who run the event.
I would like to thank all those who participated and according to your comments I am glad you liked it. Enjoy the images.
~Robert van Weers